How being creative helps you grow closer to God

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Creativity is an amazing part of what it means to be a human. We use creative means, such as art, music or theater, to express ourselves. We can highlight struggles and trauma to raise awareness for relief. We can demonstrate hope. We can simply take a moment to appreciate something beautiful, unique or inspiring.

Yes, creativity is indeed a wonderful part of being alive. But beyond the ability to express one’s humanity or to demonstrate beauty, we can use creativity to grow closer to God.

When you’re being creative, you can see creativity in the world

Creating art, music, literature or whatever it might be that you do to express yourself can open up your eyes to the creativity of the world. You might start to see things in a different way. 

You might look at the mountains and see the majesty of God’s handiwork rather than a large piece of earth.

You might look at your dog and feel how remarkable it is that you can form such a powerful bond with another creature. 

As you start to see more beauty in the world, you may start to see more of God’s fingerprints in everything. This can help you grow in your faith or in your spiritual journey to know a higher power.

Creativity helps you find ways to express your faith

Have you ever noticed how poetic the Bible can be? Several books of the Old Testament are technically long-form poetry, though it’s hard for us to appreciate this in modern English. A lot of this has to do with the oral tradition that the culture used to memorize long passages and recite stories. 

Still, even if we cannot fully comprehend the poetry of ancient Hebrew, we can still appreciate the creative imagery and passages. For example, the entire Song of Solomon is rife with creativity regarding the spiritual connection between a soon-to-be husband and wife. It’s understood by many Christians that this language reflects the intimacy of the human connection with God Himself.

You can use your own creativity to express your faith like the writers of the texts in the Bible. You can journal regularly, write music, create art. Your creativity can inspire ideas of how to help others, how to change the world to be a better place. 

Embrace your creativity and let it guide your actions as you grow in your faith. With it, you can do amazing things in the name of God and for the benefit of the world.

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