How to start simplifying your life today

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If someone from 100 years ago traveled through time to today, they would probably think we should have it easy, right? After all, we have fast cars, food is convenient, medicine is advanced, and we carry tiny devices in our pockets that can access depths of information and communicate with people around the globe.

However, life isn’t so simple, is it? Many of these very things that should simplify life often make it seem more complicated. For example, being able to connect with people quickly means stressing about social media. Being able to transport quickly means having high expectations to be punctual. 

Life is fast paced and complex in the 21st century. We all could benefit from taking a moment to breathe and learn how to simplify life. Now is as good a time as any. 

Simply your life today

  • Use what you need — It is so simple to go online and order anything and have it on your doorstep the next day. We start to accumulate many possessions that start to take possession over us. We worry about them and stress over storing and managing them.

    It’s hard to buy only what you need if you’re not sure what you do or do not need. A good rule that can help is to practice selling or donating one item for every new item you buy. This way, you start weighing decisions and keeping your list of possessions small.

  • Take breaks from technology — That little smart device in our pockets has immense power. It constantly calls for our attention. It turns quiet moments into moments of activity or stress.

    We all need to create space for ourselves where we get away from smartphones, computers and televisions. Get outside. Go for a walk. Read on the porch. Doing something slow and peaceful without technological distractions can help life slow down and feel more simple.

  • Focus on your friends — Stay connected to a small group of friends. Meet each other in person regularly for a cookout or game night. In these moments, try not to let smartphones and other technology distract you. Focus on the now with the people you are around. These relationships can be the most rewarding in your life.
  • Don’t overcommit — We often get stressed because we overcommit. We say yes to too many people, whether it is helping a friend move or agreeing to hang out when we’re tired and want to rest instead. And that’s exactly it: We all need rest and space for ourselves. When we overcommit, we burn out and feel tired, stressed and even bitter toward others. Learn how to say no and reserve space for yourself. People are more OK with this than you may realize.

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