Jesus is the true answer for your restless, weary soul

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Weary means tired or exhausted. It is often used to describe someone who has had too much of something and is looking for an escape or some way to ease the pain. Restless means being unable to sit still or relax because you are bored, anxious or uncomfortable. In other words, it means you don’t feel at ease with yourself or your situation. 

When our souls are weary, we experience a loss of spiritual energy and motivation. We can often feel that we’re lacking or missing something, or that there’s more to life than what we are experiencing. We might find ourselves questioning our existence and our purpose, and wondering if there is anything more to this life than what we are doing.

What are the signs of a restless and weary soul?

At times, we are not aware that our soul is restless. Here are some ideas to ponder: 

  • You’re constantly tired — Tiredness is a sign of weariness, and we are all tired, right? We work hard, have busy lives and try to keep up with a world that’s constantly changing. But it’s a distinct kind of tiredness when you’re tired because of restlessness. Being weary is more than just being physically exhausted. It’s an emotional and mental exhaustion that is not easy to shake.
  • You’re unable to focus — You’re thinking about so many things as you try to figure out life and how you fit into it. The pressure of the world can be heavy when you’re weary. There’s always something else interfering with your ability to focus on anything.
  • You have a need for constant entertainment — Being weary means boredom comes easy, which leads to entertainment-seeking behavior (whatever that may be for you: TV, games, social media, food or alcohol consumption, etc.). When we’re looking for entertainment, it’s usually a sign that a more profound issue within us needs addressing and not just boredom.
  • You’re physically exhausted — It’s common to feel drained after a long day at work or a week of traveling. Still, if you constantly feel like you could fall asleep during the day or have to drink coffee all day, that could signify that your soul is weary. Your body is probably trying to tell you something — it’s time for some rest.
  • You’re struggling with a lack of direction — In an age where we have so many choices, knowing and staying on the right path can be challenging. The restless soul is easily tossed to and fro by whatever is happening in the world. 
  • You’re unable to be content with who you are — A restless soul is never satisfied or pleased with any aspect of life. You may be constantly seeking the next best thing or person. Still, you never find it because there is always something better, more attractive or newer on the horizon.

How does Jesus address your restless and weary soul?

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest” (Matthew 11:28 MSG). 

Basically, Jesus is that comforting, nonjudgmental, understanding friend we all want. There’s probably many of us who have experienced this in a friendship. The difference is, Jesus is available around the clock, and it is impossible to exhaust His care for you.

Ways that Jesus would show you that He cares for your restless soul

Jesus cared very much for the needs of His followers. He wasn’t this distant and inaccessible deity. He has not changed today. Read the list below to see how He is available for your needs:

  • He would want you to know that He understands how hard it is for you right now, because He understands what it means to be human.
  • He would want you to know that He will give you peace when there seems to be no peace.
  • He would allow you to experience a time of refreshing and renewal.
  • He would give you encouragement for the journey.
  • Jesus would want you to know that He has a future and a hope for you.

The list above could go on and on. The key to Jesus being the answer for your restless soul is to be aware of all the ways that He can meet your emotional and physical needs. The truth is that being human means you’re naturally restless. With all of life’s stresses and uncertainties, Jesus wants to give you a sense of restfulness in your soul.

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