Now introducing the first audio Bible recorded entirely by women

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The audio Bible is a wonderful tool that allows people to connect with the Word of God in ways they might not have ever been able to. For example, someone who is blind and cannot read Braille can engage with God’s word using an audio Bible. Someone who is dyslexic or never learned how to read can use it. Or, perhaps someone who is constantly busy, such as a full-time parent, might find that the audio Bible allows them to get in God’s Word while watching the kids.

There are several different audio Bibles available, many of them for free. There are different versions, different actors and different media formats. There are many different people who read the text. But never before has there been a version of the audio Bible recorded entirely by a cast of women. Until now.

Introducing the Courage for Life audio Bible

Courage for Life is an organization that strives to equip people with the courage to not settle in life but to be courageous and explore their opportunities. As part of their mission, they created the first audio Bible voiced entirely by women. This is important for several reasons, including:

  • It’s about time — It’s 2020, y’all. We haven’t had an all-female-voiced audio Bible until now? It’s about time. Bring on more, in other languages and in other versions of Scripture that more people can connect with.
  • It needs to be heard — The Bible is as much for women as it is for men. It’s important for women to be able to hear it in their voice. This might seem small to some, but for many women, hearing Scripture read by someone who sounds like them is a big deal.
  • It’s healing — One of the reasons Courage of Life decided to record the Bible was not only to fill the void missing out on women’s voices, but to help women recovering from abuse. Women who have had painful experiences attached to men can find it hard to listen to Scripture read in a man’s voice. They need to hear it in a woman’s voice.

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