Six tips for staying sane while working from home

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Some people work from home on a regular basis, but thanks to COVID-19, more people are working from home than ever. And that means more people are having to adjust to the challenges of working from home.

Working from home can be rewarding in many ways. You don’t need to pay for transportation. You can create your own optimal environment. You can avoid having to eat out or having to pack a lunch.

However, when working from home, it can be difficult to stay focused or not to feel like you’re going crazy if you’re not used to it. Here are a few tips from people who are used to working from home that can help you if you’re new to it.

Six tips for staying sane while working from home

  1. Maintain a clean workspace — A disheveled and chaotic workspace is demotivating and sets a tone that reflects in your work and the rest of your day. Clean up your desk and workspace at the end of your shift so it’s ready for you the next day.
  2. Get up on time — Set an alarm and stick to it. Don’t snooze and put off getting out of bed until the last minute. Get up on time so you can enjoy a solid breakfast and have some time to get ready for the day.
  3. Get dressed — Dressing for work helps set the tone for your workday. Working in your pajamas or pulling the classic “business-casual shirt while wearing gym shorts on a Zoom call” trick sets a poor tone for the day. Dressing for work or using something like a cardigan as a “uniform” helps you mentally engage in your duties.
  4. Make a routine — Establish a prework routine to help you get ready. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch while reading a book. Go for a short walk. Do yoga.
    Whatever is most engaging and helpful for you in the morning before work, do it on a regular basis to help you stay sane.
  5. Take a break — Sitting for too long at your desk is not only mentally exhausting, it is stressful on your back and hips. Get up at least once per hour for 10 to 15 minutes to move around, stretch, eat a snack or simply just to get away from your computer monitor for a while so your mind can recover.
  6. Create boundaries — You and your employer should have an understanding of when you are and are not responsible for work duties while at home. Just because you have access to the internet and email all day does not mean you are responsible for it all day. If your work day ends at 5 p.m., then let it end at 5 p.m. and resume your duties the next day. You need your space to live your life.

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