Why the story of your personal journey matters to others

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Some of the most powerful and moving testimonies of faith are the ones of those who have come from dark places and found Jesus and turned their lives around. It makes sense that these stories are so powerful. If God can change the direction of someone who was deep into drugs or crime, then He can do anything. 

However, the problem many Christians have is that they don’t think their stories mean much if they didn’t undergo a radical, extreme change in their journeys of faith. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your personal journey is powerful

It’s important for every Christian to remember that the power of their story lies not in what they say or how they tell their story. The power of their story is in God Himself. God works through us and uses us to make a meaningful impact on others that can change their lives.

Your story of your personal journey in faith should be honest. Whether you are someone who was raised in the church and still believes or someone who simply felt like God was reaching out to you when you prayed, your story will mean something to someone. And it might be just what they need to make a decision to start their own journey of faith.

Your story is as much about listening as it is sharing

If you meet someone who you feel like God wants you to share your story with, chances are that they have a story they want to share with you. And you need to listen. When someone shares with you, you need to be patient and understanding. You need to affirm that you hear them and speak patiently in response, rather than talking over them or trying to get through a checklist.

Remember: a Christian’s goal is never to convert; it is to be the light of the world (Matthew 5:16) and let God work in the hearts of those you meet..

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